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If your application is successful, the employer will invite you for an interview. Different institutions have different approaches. You may have a traditional interview with a panel made up of admissions team member/s and relevant professionals from the University. Or you could have a mini multiple interview (MMI), which consists of several question stations, each with a different focus. Your interview could be:

  •   face to face
  •   with a panel 
  •   over the phone
  •   online – for example, on Skype or Zoom

In common with all health professions, podiatry requires a range of core skills, for example:

  • Excellent people and communication skills. Listening as well as talking
  • The ability to form good working relationships with clients of all ages and backgrounds. This might involve empathy as well as the ability to motivate people
  • Creative and adaptable, with the ability to create tailored programmes for individuals and to work in groups
  • Good teamworking skills and the ability to work alone

You can also expect to be questioned on the NHS and it’s values, your work experience/work shadowing, and your knowledge of the relevant profession and your commitment to it.

To help you prepare, there is excellent guidance from the UCAS website:

Or from the National Careers Service: