The University of Brighton works with schools and colleges to help promote podiatry as a great health-career choice.

The pop-up podiatry school consists of a series of ‘mini modules’ that can be used with school pupils on a ‘pick & mix’ basis for careers events

A ‘pop-up’ could be delivered at School visits/STEM days/Summer residentials.

Each mini-module offers Students/staff/alumni a ‘hands on’ opportunity to work with pupils from a range of backgrounds who have an interest in health related courses to increase awareness of podiatry.

The topic choice is based on the numbers present and the expertise of those delivering sessions.

Activities can tie directly into the STEM curriculum and as such data generated can be used after the ‘pop-up’ visit has ended for STEM teaching activities.

You’ll also find resources for teachers and career advisers on the Office for Students I See the Difference website.

Finding your pulse

Infection prevention

Off loading

Redressing a toe

Podiatry & school science

Walking & running