Apprenticeship costs

The full cost of the 3-year apprenticeship is £24,000 and this would to anyone undertaking the full 3-year programme with no recognised prior learning.

A revised cost can be calculated if anyone were to employ an apprentice with any recognised prior learning who entered in at either year 2 or year 3.  

The apprenticeship can be funded in a few different ways as outlined below:

Option 1 – Payment via Apprenticeship Levy

This option is available to organisations who pay into an apprenticeship levy fund (companies with a pay bill of £3million plus).  This allows these companies to use their funds to cover 100% of the course fee with payments being made via their Digital Apprenticeship Service account on a monthly basis.

Option 2 – Levy Tranfser

Companies who do pay into an apprenticeship levy pot are able to transfer funding to smaller non-levy paying companies.  All larger organisations who have a levy pot can transfer 25% of their levy in this way.  

The transferring organisation would need to agree to cover 100% of the cost of the programme and all funds are transferred on a monthly basis via digital accounts (that are set up on the central government website). We currently have a number of apprentices who are funded via this levy transfer route from various organisations including local authorities and the main NHS Trusts.

Option 3 – Reservation of funding

This gives companies the opportunity to reserve funding to cover 95% of the cost of their apprenticeship programme again via their government digital account.  An organisation will then be required to cover the remaining 5%.  This option is only available if your organisation does not pay into the Apprenticeship Levy.  It is possible to reserve this funding 6 months prior to the start of the course starting.

For all of these options, a digital apprenticeship service account is required. This below link give more details